The women of ST18

On this International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to the women who made History on the Sun Trip. They ride solar bikes, but they’re also revolutionizing the world!

On the Lyon-Canton 2018 adventure, we will have the honour to follow Françoise Denel, Catherine Pozzobon and Corinne Courvalin.

Let’s bow to the achievments of the Sun Trip Pioneers since 2013: Angelique D’Antoni, Anick-Marie Bouchard, Emilie Fuentes, Elvira Askarova, Céline Grobon, Marie-Claire Lagadec, Élise bertet, Anita Burgholzer, Beatrice Cazanave, Anik Pelchat, Pauline de La Marnière, Charlotte Gille, Marleen Wilhems, An Van Dyck & Jacqueline Plassiard.

Thanks to all of you for your commitment, because each pedal stroke brings us closer to equality and parity, but the road ahead is still long. Join us

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