They Are Still On The Sun Trip Roads: August 19 Participants Update

After over 60 days on Europeans and Asian roads, the Sun Trip 2018 continues with adventures and encounters over several thousands kilometers. REMINDER: You may still vote for your favorite participants on the Communication Challenge.

Here are some news from the last participants still on the road:

  • Our youngest participant Jack Butler Newquest Team is near the finish line, with only 500 km to go. He is accompanied by the Colle Brothers Camille and Auguste Colle (with KU Leuven) on their standard bikes after leaving their solar trike behind following their mechanical issues. The trio will slow down to arrive simultaneously with Laurent Souchet – EDF Bel Air Camp Team, who joined them after a monumental effort. It will be a magical day, showcasing the purest spirit of the Sun Trip: camaraderie, effort, a passion for people and a grain of madness on top of it!



  • Romain Neauport se trouve à 1500 km de l’arrivée. Il a enfin pu redémarrer sa balise GPS. Son choix d’itinéraire est à nouveau audacieux et admirable. Il nous fait découvrir de nouveaux paysages chinois, toujours sous le signe de l’humour. is 1500 km away from the finish line. He was finally able to restart his GPS Spot beacon. His itinerary is once more audacious and admirable. He makes us discover new Chinese landscapes, always with a touch of humor.
  • He’s followed closely by Peter HelsenDaniel Jenni and Dirk Huygue who will arrive towards the end of August. They bonded under the sun and on the roads. Peter turned 44 a few days ago.
  • Still 2200 km away from the finish line, Thierry Rassat is expected in Guangzhou in the first half of September. With his talent for selfies and his daily adventure summaries, he makes us experience a funny and happy Sun Trip.


  • 70 year old Francoise Denel has a little more than 4000 km to go and is expected in the second half of September. Sometimes funny and moving, her daily diary shows us the tenacity behind her eternal smile.


  • Behind her, Michael Polák entered China after a couple of rest days out and about in Almaty. He’s back on the road and dreams of riding on the mountainous parts of Chine where his bike works well.

To remain within the 100 days limit, he needs a minimal daily average of 120 km.

  • Moroccan Team Youssef El Haouass and Mohamed Saïd Jbari are in sight from Almaty after a 1600 km detour in the center of Kazakhstan due to visa constraints. They faced this ordeal with courage, humility and generosity.

To reach Guangzhou within 100 days, they will need to ride 130 km/day on average.

  • On their recumbent tandem trike, Francois Médalle and Gilles Coural have crossed Uzbekistan, a rough destination for their solar bikes and the riders themselves, but so warm and friendly! After his brother’s forfeit, Jean Claude Viguier joined them on the road. The group is completed with Corinne Courvalin as well as Cathy & Didier Pozzobon, all three of them being out of the adventure, but not out of order!

Their minimal average to reach Guangzhou within 100 days has to be 140 km/day.


  • Gregory Lewillie is also back on the road after a one week tourism break in under the spells of Uzbekistan.

He now has the intention of riding non-stop through China which will be necessary for him to fit within the 100-days adventure limits, with a daily average of 150 km/day.


Finally, here are the participants that are on their way back home on their own bikes:

    • Eymeric and Jurgen have crossed the Caspian Sea easily. From Georgia, they are now riding back to France and Germany respectively. They will appreciate the Turkish hospitality and the South European landscape on their way back, riding on an amazing loop!


  • Patrice Plozner is already in Croatia, writing verses inspired by the beauty of his 100% solar energy trip, a human and technological adventure.
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