Wai Won : heading to the Kirghizistan

12 Aug. Photo op this morning. Overcast and slight drizzles of rain, but clear sky and sunshine in just an hour. Then to the Chorsu Bazaar.

Bonnie flies off tonight back to Shanghai. Found reasonably good Chinese restaurant in Tashkent. Young man 31 yrs old from Shandong China, bought a place, set up restaurant, 4 years ago, married a woman of Korean descent here. I have to admire the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese, just as generations ago with diaspora still going on today.

I have a big challenge tomorrow to Kokand. Discovered that I have mountain to cross, 2290 m and distance 234km.

August 12, Day 49.
Today I did the impossible, the climb towards 3620 m elevation from about 600 makes the journey at St Bernard pass in Switzerland child’s play. Started 6:30 am from Uzbekistan Hotel from Tashkent center and have to stop at Ghangara about 8 km from Kokand , it’s already dark and road is bad and I can’t move anymore.

Today first time I have a tailwind, and I needed every bit of it.
It’s over 70 km of downhill ride with 0 watts with maybe 3000 m drop.

Always keep calm and carry on.



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4 Commentaires for “Wai Won : heading to the Kirghizistan”

Daniel Finsler

dit :

hulo, how are your energy numbers on this trip: Did you climb the pass with only solar charge? How many Wh/km and how many Wh fully charged battery were involved?
That would be very interesting.

dit :

I have 2 battery packs about 1900 watts hr. Fully charged before the start of the day, and another full charge before the big climb ( at a store ) by a/c supply. My solar panel is rated only for 260 watts, I get close to that between 11 am to 2 pm. The climb takes 900 watts.

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