Wai Won in Iran – July 21

July 21 Saturday, Day 33.

Basically I am picking hotel that is just off the motorway to avoid getting into the city center. So today almost straight to the motorway from the hotel Alborz Qazvin to Tehran. 136 km hotel to hotel. I thought starting early I could avoid headwinds, but it’s not to be.

Seems like Gale force headwinds, drawing all the energy from sun, accumulators and my body, it’s the most unpleasant ride till date. Not only is the traffic heavy, but old trucks spewing gust of black smokes passes so close and have to hold my breath to avoid dying. Then dust from the barren and desolate landscape being kick up by the wind hurts the eyes. And the many stretches of rips they put on across the road to slow traffic does nothing other than rattles the vehicles that passes thru’ but shakes mine to the bones.

Iranians all all very kind and nice people, until they get behind the wheels, they can’t spare at most 3 seconds for a poor bicycle to get into the right lane – shoulder when 2 roads comes together. Departed 8:00 am and arrive at the Olympic zhotel at 3:00 pm , 8 hrs for 136 km , 17 kmph average speed put on with all might.

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Daniel Finsler

dit :

could you publish daily solar gain and power consumption, speed and distance, from time to time? And how your tilting trike performs would also be very interesting to read.

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