Wai Won : Through Turkmenistan

Pictures of the extra ordinary cities of Turkmenistan- Mary and Türkmenabat


1st Aug Day 44.
The trike has been pounding on several hundred Kilometers of very bad roads, I have an intuition that there must be damage. After all it’s a cycle and not a tank. Did a overall inspection of the bike, and found serious problem. Can’t describe it but attached pis the photo, 1 broken spoke, and adjust the left and arm for the rear wheel . Took bike to a garage in town, who called a welder in.
Then replace broken spoke.

Finally pounding another 80 km of road to Bukhara.


30 July Day 42.
Now that WiFi and internet connectivity is working in Uzbekistan I working my diary backwards. I started out 6:00am out of Mary. Great roads for a few kilometers then all he’ll break loose. All the way my poor bike is pounded and shaken so badly I have sincere doubt that it will survive, but it did. Hot dusty desert with heavy traffic on totally rotten road. At times cars drive past with very high speeds, I think the trick here is to fly over these heavily eroded and pot holed road, but I have to roll over the holes and crevices rather slowly. At instances all traffic comes to a halt and everyone has to slow down and ease their way thru. Impatient cars behind me blast their horn at me, and in response I showed them my index finger. But one car stopped, and out marched a guy in uniform with 4 pits on his shoulder lapel. He greeted I me Salem Alaikum, I returned Alaikum is Salem.. Then made barrage of Turkmen which didn’t understand of course, I just shrugged my shoulders and said the road is just too bad. He walked back into his car and moved on. Keep calm and carry on.
The plan was to get to Turkmenabat, but on the way I saw this truckers stop and looks like there is decent hotel , I stopped without any hesitation to check in. I just can’t carry on. Just 115 km , but I am totally beat. Good decision very decent room with air con and shower for US$ 15.00. Must be paid in $ and not local Manet.



28 th July, Day 40
Left Ashgabat at 7:30 am after breakfast, I expect I won’t have any breakfast for the next few days.
Would not be able to make it to Mary that is 366 km away, the only stop at Tejun 235 km. On the way a few small twisters past by, maybe less than 1 km from where I was.
The motor way from Ashgabat the capital is pretty good.
Past by some ancient ruins, don’t know what they are, sign post written only in Turkmen.
It was an extremely difficult ride in Tejen, the road totally ruined, with mountains, molehills and valleys. Finally found hotel. Cost 20 Manet, which is US$1.50 as I got a rate of 13 to $1 . But I would not go to the shed where the toilet is suppose to be. Within 1/2 hr 2 big burly guys barged into my room ( there is no lock ) and demanded to see my passport and looked thru’ the pictures on my Canon camera. I asked if they are police, they answered Hotel security.
Hotel security in a broken dirty little town, with me the only 1 customer in that hotel for $1.50. Can you believe that ?

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Daniel Finsler

dit :

Does your trike have suspension? How is your energy bilance, PV production versus Wh/km, etc.? Thank you, and best wishes for your traveling.

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