WaiWon Ching

– 68 years-old –

Originally from Singapour, WaiWon lived in Shanghai for the past 22 years. In 2000, he founded Shanghai eZee Kinetic Technology Co., Ltd., so he has been in the business of electric bikes for 18 years. While he did not exercise nor participate in any sports for the past 40 years, he is as healthy as he can be. He travelled worldwide for the past 46 years on business and vacations, and for decades, he spent more than 200 days abroad every year.

The Solar Bike:

Recumbent Trike: The eZee Solar Longabike. The designer of this trike is Mr Vincent Longagna in France. As a hybrid system the human drive the left rear wheel with a Nuvinci N380 continuous variable transmission hub and the motor drives the right wheel, both have freewheel features. Trike frame is made from Hi-ten steel and the trike weighs 44 kgs. Unlike other recumbent this has a very high CG and not very stable. I just have a couple of Km experience with it, that is really all.
Motor:  eZee drive system. Brushless planetary geared motor and advance Sine Wave controller with efficiency of 85 % with 30 km/h with 17.5 Nm torque, it could also deliver 27 NM of Torque with speed of 25 km/h with 84 % efficiency, a very good plateau of efficiency along with higher power or wattage. Max speed 35 km/h.
Battery: Battery of 36V 29Ah.
Solar panels: 260 Watts

Some words from the adventurer…

I have seen it all, mountains, lakes, oceans, islands, deserts, rivers, glaciers, castles, palaces, museums, souks, zoos, cosmopolitan cities, etc., etc. Born a British Subject 1950 in Singapore which became independent in 1963.  I witnessed the economic transformation of East Asia and in particular of China when I first visited in 1982.

I made my first epic ride from Katima Mulilo at the border with Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, near to the Victoria Falls. 3000 km in 14 days, going west of the Caprivi strip, thru’ Namibia and South Africa and arriving at Cape Town on 8 Feb 2009. Next was across China from Shanghai to Kashgar ( Kashi ) 6500 km. And another across Australia from Perth to Sydney which was 5500 km in 2013. Although in this bicycle business I have not cycled since 2013. I am participating in the Sun Trip as another personal adventure, and not for glory. The technical details does not bother me, I am just a skinny old china man who never exercise but is still capable of 10-12 hrs a day of 50 watts continuous output, unlike other strong cyclist who could do 200 -250 watts and world class competition cyclist does ca. 350 watts. I do not want to install a very large solar panel as I am afraid of the maneuverability as my reflex are already remarkably slow.
I have a deep interest to explore the Central Asian countries to relive the deep history and culture of those lands of Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and east into the China that is establishing the one belt one road economic world west of her. My plan is to ride about 12-14 hrs a day from dawn to dusk, with 2 hrs of rest in between and cover an average of 250 km a day, and finish the ride in 70 days, and I have to work with my lab top perhaps every night of the journey.
I am establishing my personal blog : eZee2ride

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