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Corsica Sun Trip 2021

You will find bellow all the information you are looking for on this new Corsica Sun Trip Project, tested and approved by 15 former SunTrippers in 2019 and 2020.

The Corsica Sun Trip is the idea of the Sun Trip Adventure on a regional, more accessible level. In mid-season, we go looking for the sun wherever it is !

This week-long tour offers the opportunity to experience the solar bike journey. Unlike the Sun Trip Tour, the Corsica Sun Trip offers a recommended itinerary and meeting points every evening.

To register:

The spirit of the event with this 2019 trailer:

Some 2020 pictures :


Itinerary for the 2021 Corsica Sun Trip

The Corsica Sun Trip will take place from the 3 to the 10 of October 2021, with a departure in Bastia and an arrival in Bonifacio, in the South of the island.

The 2021 Itinerary will be more or less the same as the 2019 and 2020: the Cap Corse tour and then the GT20 route.

Without any surprise, this itinerary is mountainous. The flat sectors are rare. The GT20 is normally scheduled in 12 days but thanks to the solar-electric bike, the Corsica Sun Trip can be accomplished in 6 stages.

The help of the bike is decisive, but you should have had a previous biking experience and/or be used to cycling 100km per day.

Note that after the arrival of Bonifacio, 2 days are still necessary to go back to Propriano (or Ajaccio) and wait for the return ferry.

Note that our Corsican teams are thinking about a bonus option in Northern Sardinia, open to participants who still have a few days of availability, without Team Sun Trip supervision. This bonus in Sardinia will be used to explore the possibility of a Sun Trip Tour of the islands for 2022…

Registration 2021 : form

As 2019 and 2020 editions,  we want to go up to 15 participants. There are two reasons for which we’d like to keep the group small:

  • There is limited accommodation available at this time in Corsica, the campsites are often closed (and wild camping prohibited).
  • a small group encourages team spirit, mutual aid and conviviality.

Registration for the Corsica Sun Trip 2021 includes:

  • Return ferry transfer from the mainland (person + bike only), conditions will be specified later. Indivual cabin on request.
  • The official jersey of the edition and some small souvenirs.
  • Accommodation each day (gite or 3star hotel depending on the day)
  • Breakfast basis every morning. Basic lunch each day.
  • Evening meals are not included, but usually shared together. 
  • Cost of being accompanied by:
  • a small logistics/ technical team to organise the steps and help fix any technical problems
  • a team of professional photographers, to give you beautiful photo / video memories of this unforgettable experience at the end.

Sign up fees for 2021 are 950 euros all taxes included.

If you wish to be guided in the purchase or rental of a solar bike, we would be happy to provide you with some contacts.

To pre-register, please complete the following:

Corsica ST 2019 as seen by Béatrice Cazanave:

Corsica ST 2019 as seen from the vélomobile of Jean-Marc Dubouloz:

Solar mutual aid is the Sun Trip:

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