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Stage 1 : Brussels-Riga

14.09.2021 - The Sun Trip
The Sun Trip The Sun Trip

It’s hot and it goes fast! That’s how to sum up the beginning of the Sun Trip Europe, between Belgium and Germany. Helped by the wind and a strong sun, the participants are fast. The velomobiles are taking advantage of this situation, with a record of 402 km on 17 June by Jean-Marc Dubouloz.


Official Sun Trip Record :

Congratulation Jean-marc Dubouloz: 448km today (from 6am to 9pm). He rode 1423km since Brussels, in 3.5 days!

Photos of the parcitipants :

Les passages au Checkpoint 1 Riga

  • Jean-Marc Dubouloz : June 21 – 4.30pm (local time)
  • Emil Barbut : June 21  – 6.10pm
  • Bernard Cauquil – Team Aktid : June 22 – 7.50pm
  • Samuel et Baptiste – Team Urbasolar : June 23 – 11.35am
  • Géry et Baudouin – Team John Cockerill : June 24 – 12.30pm
  • Rafl Lewien – Alessandra & Pirmin : June 25 – 7.30 pm
  • Michel Bertet : June 25 – 9pm
  • Arnaud Roulland – Team Cyclable: June 26 – 12pm
  • Patrick Abrams, Dirk & Krix (Team Innoviris), Valérie & Bertrand, Arnaud Negrier : June 27
  • Frédéric Koch, puis Sibylle & Daniel : June 28

Thanks to the mayor of Riga and to the European commission in Latvia, for this warm welcome. It was an honor to share with you such good wibes 🇱🇻☀️🇪🇺✌
Thanks to the two leaders for their participation.

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