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Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures.

The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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2021 : Sun Trip Europe!

31.10.2020 - The Sun Trip
The Sun Trip The Sun Trip

After thinking it through, we have come to the conclusion that the current global situation is too uncertain and too incompatible with the preparation of a Sun Trip linking Europe to China.

We are therefore postponing the Sun Trip Lyon-Canton and we are launching for the 2021 edition the Sun Trip Europe!

The start of the Sun Trip Europe will symbolically be given from Brussels, in June 2021, in presence of Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the Green Deal.

A Lyon-Brussels prelude will be offered to participants and fans, with the support of the city of Lyon.

The map released today draws the contours of a 10,000 km adventure which will start between Brussels and Lyon, with up to 33 countries crossed.

Approximately 5 checkpoints will structure the race, combining major European cities and high mountain sites.

The fundamental principles of The Sun Trip concept will be maintained: no assistance, freedom of route between the checkpoints, a 100% solar speed challenge as well as communication challenges.

A new option will also be offered to participants with this project: those who wish will be able to take on the role of “Ambassadors” of the Sun Trip to promote solar energy across Europe. These meeting times will not be mandatory. The main idea is for Ambassadors to have privileged meeting times, while discovering new areas and promoting the values of the Sun Trip project.

Finally, we will think about the idea of ​​a “half Sun Trip”, which will bypass the Iberian side.

“Make of Europe an adventure!”: This is our challenge to all the participants of this 4th edition of the Sun Trip.

Europe is not a back-up plan, it is simply our better option today to make the Sun Trip possible on an international level.

The rules of the race  : Read here

The technical rules in place for the Sun Trip 2020 remain unchanged. Read here

More information about the fees policy : Read here

You have until February 15th, 2021 to fill in the attached form:

More information about the other 2021 Sun Trip events on :

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