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D46 – Herman Segers completes 3rd Sun Trip!

28.05.2024 - The Sun Trip
The Sun Trip The Sun Trip

DAY 47 <-> DAY 45

By completing the 2024 edition in 46 days and 3 hours, Herman Segers is certainly 8th in the solar challenge, but above all he enters the closed club of participants who have completed at least 3 major Sun Trips, alongside his Belgian compatriots Raf Van Hulle and Dirk Huyghe, the champion with 4 completed adventures!

From the very first days of the adventure, Herman had experienced major problems with his battery. He lost 2 days and found himself in last place, before slowly catching up with the others, at over 200 km a day. After Taroudant, Herman had a choice: go for 5th place or go through with his idea of extending into the southern part of Morocco.

“I don’t regret my choice at all, especially as I really enjoyed passing through Smara, a very pretty town in the evening, with its end-of-the-world atmosphere, lost in the Moroccan Sahara”.

By taking this detour, he added almost 1,000 km to his odometer, so that at the end of the day, he’s the one who’ll have ridden the most, with more than 8,200 km on the Sun Trip loop (at an average of around 200 km per day), plus 800 km to come from Belgium and 800 km back home. And it’s even nicer to remember that Herman has completed 3 major Sun Trips on the same bike! “I just changed the solar panels for this edition, but otherwise the bike is working well, I’d even say getting better and better, it’s improving like a fine wine, after more than 90,000 km ridden with it”.

From this 2024 trip, he will remember Morocco above all, “especially the part after Zagora, there are passages through magnificent gorges, you have the impression of changing world, the colors are magical, it was hard but really very beautiful” but also unexpected encounters with Belgian friends traveling in the Pyrenees.

The Great Belgian is now on his way back to his native Belgium, beacon cut, smile on his face. Well done Herman!

A reminder of his remarkable visit to the Moroccan Sahara:

Race position on day 46

  • 1 : Jack Butler, in 23 days and 2 hours
  • 2 : Jean-Marc Dubouloz, in 23 days and 6 hours
  • 3 : Kilian & Jonas, in 33 days and 8 hours
  • 4 : Géry & Baudouin, in 35 days and 8 hours
  • 5 ex aequo : Vincent Gallego et Luciano Trumpler, in 41 days and 2 hours
  • 7 : Vivien Dettwiler, in 43 days and 6 hours
  • 8 : Herman Segers, in 46 days and 3 hours

Live Map :

JOUR 47 <-> JOUR 45

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