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Autriche – Italie

11.08.2021 - Didier Vandenhove
Didier Vandenhove Didier Vandenhove


We are starting to see the end! I’m writing these lines from Lyon, official end of the Sun Trip but not the end for me as I’m cycling back to Belgium…
Anyway, except for the state of the roads (maybe due to the climate in Austria and Northern Italy), I really enjoyed these 2 countries. Well, it’s true that I was expecting a milder weather in Italy, but for the rest it was really nice 🙂

A greenway in Austria between 2 mountains. This is more or less the kind of landscapes I had during the only day I spent in this country… (at the same time it is not famous for its fine sandy beaches ^^)

With from time to time a passage over a torrent with very clear water. It will turn grey after a rain shower…

The border between Austria and Italy is not really marked. I was on a greenway, and I didn’t even see a sign. On the Italian side, they still speak German and the landscapes and houses are identical… The inhabitants themselves admit to feeling closer to the Austrians.

But on this picture, you can feel that there is something Italian 🙂

Quite quickly, I arrived at the foot of the Passo Stelvio. The weather was not good…

It wasn’t very photogenic either. I didn’t take many pictures during the climb, as I was too busy pushing the bike…

But I did it anyway!

The next day, a ray of sunshine allowed me to take some pictures. This is more or less the part where I pushed the bike.

And this is where I come down, towards Bormio.

Once again, the weather was rather capricious throughout the day. And it was going to continue: the day after this picture, I didn’t take off from the campsite. It rained all day. Afterwards, I think it was more difficult to live than having to push the bike in the Stelvio…

But fortunately, the weather has recovered. Here is a photo of Varenna taken from the ferry that took me there. Floods had destroyed a bridge in the town of Como a week earlier, so I crossed to the other side of the lake to bypass the obstacle.

Here is the famous domed church I told you about on my facebook page, seen from the front this time.

And on the inside, it’s not so bad…

To finish, here is the last picture taken in Italy, so cliché but also very representative of all the little villages I passed through.

After that, it’s off to the Alps and France!

See you soon!

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