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D25 – The adventure continues!

07.05.2024 - The Sun Trip
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DAY 26 <-> DAY 24

Before offering you a final article on the race of the first two Sun Trip 2024 runners, with their analyses of the key moments of the adventure, here are a few images from the welcome ceremony organized on May 6 with the city of Chambéry, in the presence of the Moroccan Consulate General in Lyon and representatives of our partners Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and EDF. It was a great honor to be able to congratulate the two great champions of the Sun Trip 2024 in the same ceremony, as we had already been able to do in 2021.

Through their performances and their constant duel, Jack Butler (1) and Jean-Marc Dubouloz (2) have given visibility to solar mobility by proving, once again, the strength of renewable energies. Leaving aside the obligatory break in Taroudant, it took them 22 days to cover 7,000 km (for Jack) and 7,500 km (for Jean-Marc). If you set off tomorrow on the same journey in your car, burning several hundred liters of petrol, you’ll certainly take no less than half that.

On the road for Sun Trip 2024

The adventure continues for all the others, and in the early hours of Monday May 6, Germany’s Kilian & Jonas were the 3rd to take the ferry back to Spain. The two young adventurers will have had a mixed adventure in Morocco, sometimes bewildered by the culture shock of a first trip outside their usual playground, slowed down by a few technical problems, but always fast. They seem determined to defend their place on the podium, and know that the Belgians Géry & Baudouin are lying in ambush, ready to steal that good spot from them. The two friends managed to reach Tangier at 20:52, 8 minutes before the end of the day for a SunTripper, so they’ll be able to catch the ferry early in the morning of May 7th. A duel to follow over the next 2,000 km to Chambéry.

In Taroudant, the valiant Jean-Louis Mérelle (now 11th) and Vincent Lauga set off again after their day’s break. The two adventurers have reached the Atlantic coast and will soon be in the desert part of the project. An area where several other participants are currently based, including Vivien Dettwiller and the 4 participants of the “Taroudant group” (Vincent G, Bertrand, Richard and Luciano). They share with us some images of their journey to Zagora, including the traditional camel encounter!

Last but not least, we’d like to zoom in on Belgian Herman Segers, an explosive participant in his 3rd edition. As announced two days ago, Herman has indeed set off for the Deep South! For a while, he hesitated in the face of the challenges posed by the road to Laayoune, in the Moroccan Sahara, but he carried on, following the ocean and the desert at the same time.

In Laayoune, it didn’t go unnoticed and was honored by local television. Then it continued its 1100 km bonus detour towards Smara, getting ever closer to the Sahara. This route will enable us to judge whether it would be appropriate to stage a Sun Trip Morocco 2025 in these remote locations.

Race positions on day 25

  • 1er : Jack Butler, in 23 days and 2 hours
  • 2ème : Jean-Marc Dubouloz, in 23 days and 6 hours
  • 3. Kilian & Jonas
  • 4. Géry & Baudouin
  • 5. “Le groupe de Taroudant” (Vincent G, Bertrand, Luciano et Richard).

Live Map:

Les autres images du jour

And if you’re already bored with Jack Butler’s videos of the day: ask him to do it again 😉

DAY 26 <-> DAY 24

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