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The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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D26 – To each his own goals

08.05.2024 - The Sun Trip
The Sun Trip The Sun Trip

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We’ve talked a lot about the frontrunners on this Sun Trip 2024, enthused by the performances and the story, but we still want to talk about everyone, because a Sun Trip is by nature a construction that relies on the diversity of profiles.

Today’s article is an opportunity to take a look at the objectives of the participants who are still on the road, in Spain and Morocco. They are all progressing with perseverance and joy, sometimes with difficulty, but always with the values of the journey as a common thread. We’re proud of them!

Kilian & Jonas :
Currently in the north of Andalusia in Spain, the two young Germans were delighted to return to Europe and its comfortable way of life. They will certainly need a little time to digest their experience on Moroccan soil. “We’re both physically on the limit!” Kilian tells us on the evening of this 26th day, when they rode 225 km with a not-helpful wind. “It may have been easy for Jack, but not for us. We lost two spokes again today, but we’re managing to fix that. We’ll be following a return itinerary which will be a mix of the routes taken by Jack and Jean-Marc“.

Géry & Baudouin :
The two Belgian friends are still 250 km (approx.) behind the Germans. They’ve been chasing 3rd place since Taroudant, but haven’t managed to gain much ground yet. “Morale is excellent, we’re still having a good laugh. We’re going to sleep tonight in an Olivier field. Life is good and everything. This is offered to us on a platter by the Sun Trip dream!”, writes Baudouin from his tent. As for their strategy for the next stage: “We’re still looking for a compromise between distance and altitude difference. However, we’re closer to Jean Marc’s strategy. than Jack’s, as you’ll have noticed by now. However, we always try to optimize the bikes, even if they’re a bit broken, but we don’t let the problems stop us from moving forward.” Warriors!

Vivien Dettwiller :
The Swiss driver gives us a super remontada! Stopped for a week in Agadir for engine repairs, he’s back on the road again and enjoying himself! “Crossing / touching the desert is a wonderful experience. Thanks to Sun Trip. Otherwise I’ve just decided to go around the Akhamsi mountain in Dades, so as not to overheat my engine and that way I can see the other group when we pass each other. Of course, my next goal is to catch up with them, but in the next few mountains it’s going to be difficult, maybe after that on the road to Chefchaouen. For the moment, I’m managing 250-300 km a day, which is more than I’d hoped for at the start“.

“The Taroudant band” (Vincent Gallego, Bertrand Goudenhooft, Luciano Trumpler,  Richard Defay et Jean-Philippe Maurice) :
They’re making good progress, without missing a dip in every pool they come across… because it’s hot! They are now in Boulmane Dades, but the group’s main concern will be the health of Richard Defay, who sent us this message on the evening of day 26: “I’ve got some bad news. I’ve been suffering from digestive problems since Taroudant. 15 km from Boulmane, I had an electrical failure that left me without assistance. My bike fell onto a pick-up truck on the way to our hotel. Consider me abandoned. I’m sad and relieved, it’s been so hard for the last 5 days. I’ve only survived thanks to the group. Tomorrow, I’ll contact Europe Assistance and go and see a doctor”. We are following the situation as it develops.

Jean-Louis Mérelle :
We haven’t heard from him since Sidi Ifni, but the dean is on the move. He’s now in the most desolate areas and we can imagine that he’s going to enjoy every encounter, every straight line, every camel. Beware, however, that he’ll have to tackle this sector in increasingly hot weather! Where the leaders passed under a pleasant 30°, it’s 40° that awaits Jean-Louis all the way to Zagora!

Vincent Lauga :
The Frenchman experienced a technical problem after Taroudant, but it seems to be back in order. He has left the Atlantic coast and will also be facing the heat of the deep south over the next 3 days. “After changing the casing I got back to normal loading levels (+40%)… obviously the second mppt was getting tired too!” Vincent remains true to his initial goal: “Personally, as a backpacker, I’m not looking to gain 1 place… as I’ve already said, my goal is to complete the course in 100% solar power, at my pace of 150km mini per day, enjoying it (i.e. trying to avoid having too many problems).

Herman Segers :
No news from the great Belgian yesterday. He seems to have adapted his bonus loop a little, to join the classic route tomorrow. We’re waiting for more news.

Michael & Jiri:
A difficult situation for the two Czechs. Since entering Morocco, their solar panels have not been producing enough energy. They are not making good progress and have already announced their decision not to follow the entire Sun Trip 2024 route. They’ll try to reach Taroudant today, then adapt their objectives: “We’ll head north anyway, but not to the coast. It’s the Atlas Mountains or the truck. But we’ll avoid the Sahara desert. I spent nearly a month in and near the Gobi in 2018, mostly camping or bivouacking. I like mountains, but I’ve already had enough deserts. And Jirka really didn’t expect to reach the start in time, so he’s a little surprised at the distance he’s covered, angry at the solar power failure and also has to return to Spain before the end of the month. I’m relatively free, but I’ve probably already missed my planned arrival date in Chambéry. Morocco is also different, I’m used to Asia, but this is really different, lots of extremes, from extremely difficult to extremely easy…“. The two men’s beacons will soon be greyed out on the map, but we’ll continue to follow them, with passion and respect.

Miguel Letor :
The situation is very confusing for the young Belgian, who is also in a gray beacon, and has given no news since leaving the adventure (to attend a wedding). He had announced a return to the road on May 6/7. We have no information at this moment…

More Sun Trip 2024 adventures tomorrow!

DAY 27 <-> DAY 25

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