Patrick B

Patrick B

Nationalité Allemande
Participations The Sun Trip 2021

Un bricoleur made in Germany

Patrick a étudié l’ingénierie électrique et l’informatique. Il travaille actuellement comme ingénieur pour l’automatisation des processus industriels dans les usines chimiques.

Un vrai « bricoleur », avec de l’expérience dans l’entretien/la réparation de voitures/motos, la programmation sous Windows et les microcontrôleurs et, dernièrement, de plus en plus dans la conception/l’usinage/soudure de pièces métalliques.

Bienvenue et bon vent pour son parcours !

Solar bike project

Base bike is a HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 20
– Rohloff Swap. Found a used Scorpion with Rohloff, bought it and stripped it for its rohloff. Did a complete maintenance, powder coated the housing, swapped the cap for the disc-brake version.
– Custom made solar panels with 550W (already in my garage)
– 2x Grin All Axle Motors for the front wheels with 2,5kW each (this is a real challenge to mount them, because there is no torque adapter in existence for a Scorpion. But in the end it is all-wheel-drive where the peak power is limited by the small shunt resistor used by the Databox. At the early design time I was not aware there would be a shunt, I assumed it would be a Hall sensor, but after I found out, it was already too late. I just hope that 1,5kW in total will be enough.
– Custom build battery with Samsung 21700 40T cells, maximum allowed capacity, theoretically capable of delivering 5 kW and chargeable at a maximum of 1,7kW (13×6 cells, 4000mAh each, rated for 1,5C max. charge). Bluetooth BMS rated for 100A. Even the nickel strips are over engineered / overkill, but I prefer that kind of construction.
– Solar roof will be built of custom made aluminium joints and carbon fiber tubes, also pretty tricky
– Tires will be Schwalbe Cargo once they are available (20″), otherwise Schwalbe Big Ben or regular Marathon plus

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