Sun Trip , Sun Trip: the world on solar bikes!
The Sun Trip The Solar Bike Adventure
Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures.

The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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SUN TRIP 2021 Challenges

As for every edition, several challenges will be offered to SUN TRIP 2021 adventure participants. These challenges are not mandatory, the SUN TRIP isn’t a competition.

The Solar Challenge

The “Solar Challenge” will reward the participant or team arriving first at the arrival having respected the rules of the adventure, in particular with regard to the requirement for bi-weekly communication. This challenge does not exist for the mid-term adventure.

To be eligible for the Solar Challenge ranking, participants are not allowed to use any other recharge than solar energy via the on-board photovoltaic modules.

Participants may take a charger with them in case of emergency, which will be sealed on the morning of departure to ensure that it is not used.  If a team uses its sector charger, it will be excluded from the Solar Challenge ranking.

The organisation team will carry out regular checks during the adventure to ensure compliance with the rules: checks of the participants’ luggage may take place.

New: this specific mission will also be delegated to Sun Trip commissioners in the different countries crossed. These commissioners will film their inspections to inform the Arbitration Committee.

// History //
2013: Raf Van Hulle – Jorge Moita –  Adrien Dugoujon
2015: Bernard Cauquil – Raf Van Hulle – Eric Morel
2018: Raf Van Hulle – Mickaël Joguet – Eric Morel

The Jury Prize

Awarded by the organisation team, the Jury Prize greets adventurers whose adventure is considered the most complete and the most in line with Sun Trip values, in particular regarding charging, communication, perseverance, state of mind, respect for the rules. This challenge does not exist for the mid-term adventure.

// History //
2013: Anick Marie Bouchard – Stéphane Scotto di Cesare and Stéphane Briel –  Cédric Vinatier 
2015: Béatrice Cazanave and Yannick Aspe – Eric Morel – Arno Liegeon
2018: Jack Buttler – Thierry Rassat – Romain Neauport

The Audience Award

The SUN TRIP owes much of its success to the pleasure of the public who follow the adventures of the participants on a daily basis. In this spirit of sharing, the organizer is setting up a challenge intended to promote the participants who communicate best on their official blog space and on social networks.

A public vote on the official website will gauge the reach and success of the participants’ communication effort. Participants are free to be assisted remotely by a friend who can play the role of webmaster of their account (help with layout, correction, spelling, etc.). In all cases, the content of the articles must be produced by the participants themselves.

An online voting tool will be open. This challenge does not take into account the 100% solar recharging criterion, but only participants who finish before the deadline will be eligible.

// History //
2013: Stéphane Scotto di Cesare and Stéphane Briel – Anick-Marie Bouchard – Emilie and Guillaume
2015: Laurent Dalou, Antoine and Henri Jonckheere – Béatrice Cazanave and Yannick Aspe – François Mendez
2018: Françoise Denel – Laurent Souchet – Romain Neauport

The Best Route Award

New in 2021, this prize will reward the most daring adventurers in their choice of route.

This challenge will be open to participants who do not use 100% solar charging. It will be based on an analysis of the routes, the number of kilometers traveled, the sites visited, the percentage of solar charging, etc.

The winners will be determined by an internal vote, carried out at the end of the adventure, open to all participants of the edition as well as to former Sun Trip participants interested in this vote. Voting procedures will be communicated to voters right at the start.

// History //
New Challenge

The Favorite Prize

The organizing team reserves the right to reward any participant(s) who will have marked this edition.

// History //
2013: Tom Papay
2015: Thomas Pollet
2018: Youssef El Haouass and Mohamed Said Jedari



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