Jürgen Burkholz

– 56 years-old – Germany

Jürgen is the first German participant to join The Sun Trip.

Specificity of this adventurer: his solar trailer will also double up as a camping bed!

He will ride a selfmade prototype with which he has already driven more than 6000 km in Germany and France. His trailer will certainly allow him for quiet nights and will arouse the curiosity of the people he will meet on the road to Guangzhou!

His Solar Bike:

My machine is a commercial trike produced in Germany. The aerodynamic parts are coming from CZ and Italy. I built the camping trailer. It is about 289 cm long, 98 cm wide and 96 cm high and weighs 18 kg without solar panels. If you add the solar panels and the controller the weight of the trailer only adds up to 28 kg. Its shape has a low aerodynamic resistance. It contains a Chinese mid-drive 250W motor. Also from China, the very commercial solar panels add to 450 Wp total.

I expect to be able to ride 10 hours with an average speed of 20km/h during the day, when the sun is shining. My leg power will be 60 W and the sun provides roughly 160 W. Under these circumstances, the average speed of my machine is 20km/h. This is a good value for a system which is overall about 150 kg including me. Thanks to the camping trailer, I will be able to sleep well elsewhere than in cities… but all will be proved by the Sun Trip 2018… Keep in touch !

Some Words From The Adventurer…

Hi, I am Jürgen Burkholz from Germany, near by Darmstadt. The Sun Trip 2018 is giving me a challenge to show that an bicycle camping trailer is able to go 160 km/day in average over long distances. This is only possible because of the support of the sun with 450 Wp solar panels. From this trip, I expect a lot of new experiences. My target is to reach Canton within the requested limit of 100 days. When I am back, I may start to produce the camping trailer. You can stay informed on my homepage.

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