Peter Helsen


– 43 years-old – Belgium

Peter discovered the Sun Trip state of mind during the Sun Trip Tour 2017 in which he took part with his wife An. In 2018, he registered as a solo rider.

After two cycling experiences from Belgium to Morocco and Saint-Petersburg, Peter is setting off for his life’s greatest two-wheeled challenge.


His Solar Bike:

Bike type: cargo bike Larry vs Harry alias “Bullitt”

Engine: Crystalyte HT3525 in 20 inch front wheel

Battery: 48V 20Ah LiFepo4 battery

Solar panels: 5x90Watt (93x54cm); 2 on the cargo bike, 3 on a laSuntravel trailer

Some Words From The Adventurer…

I’ve always loved travelling by bike, since when I was 6 years-old, together with my father who taught me the magic and the beauty of nature.

I love bike travelling because you can go slow enough to enjoy many details and you can go fast enough to cover quite some distance in one day.

I love the amplifying effect of the effort. I am a very lazy person and I’m proud of it. 🙂 My lazyness triggers my imagination untill extreme levels.

In order to walk 6 km/h, a person needs 100 Watt(*), to cycle 20km/h, the same person needs 100 Watt(*) too, and to cycle 25km/h on a solar bike, a person also needs 100Watt(*), without doing anything but to place your bike under the sun while you rest. And this all without polluting, smelling or making noise.

How cool is that? (*) (Before some engineering freaks challenge these figures, it’s just approximate imaginary numbers)

On top of this, you can easy take all your camping gear and stuff along with you… My first bike travelling was in the Ardennes and Luxemburg for 1 week when I was 16.
After this trip, I have loved it always.

Further bike experience: travelling from Belgium to Morocco, from Belgium to Saint Petersburg, biking in India from Calcutta to Siliguri, Santiago de Compostela, Via Francigena, Sun Trip Tour 2017, …

So the Sun Trip will add to this experience and it will probably be the biggest adventure of my life.

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