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Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures.

The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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Sun Trip Alps 2023

16.09.2022 - The Sun Trip
The Sun Trip The Sun Trip

The Sun Trip through the Alps – Season 2!

Following the success of the Sun Trip Alps 2022, we are back for the tenth anniversary of the project with a second 100% alpine edition, from Savoie Technolac (June 15th) to Annecy (July 1st). 

An Alpine route but accessible!

For this second season, the route will be designed in the opposite direction, with a major highlight planned between Savoie and Nice, following the mythical Route des Grandes Alpes. The departure is planned for June 15th 2023. The arrival is planned of July 1st 2023.

The route will then go up through the Italian Alps, to visit some of the highest passes of the chain, while the less adventurous will be able to cut across the Po plain!

The loop will go all the way to Germany before a return through Switzerland and a finish that we can imagine on the banks Annecy lake! The exact route will be presented soon.

The Sun Trip Alps will be another great chapter in our adventure. A loop of about 2500 km, with 6 or 7 major stages and welcomes every 2 to 4 days which will be as many opportunities to discover the diversity of the Alps, carried by a collective dynamic.

With less institutional time, more accessible discoveries and stopover sites in the middle of nature, this compendium of beauty will surprise you!

This edition will not include any speed challenges, but we will be giving even more value to the Solar Challenge, following on from the successes of 2019 and 2022, with points to be picked up at the top of the biggest passes or at certain sites of Alpine heritage.

We will keep the idea of a yellow jersey to reward the most successful adventurers, and we will add the idea of a blue jersey, which will be awarded to the best ranked adventurer over 50 years old!

The details of this challenge will be presented soon. Watch out!


In order to keep a real group spirit, we limit registration to 40 places.  Pre-registration form (no obligation)

Care and support will be detailed in the forthcoming adventure regulations, based on the level of service of previous editions: approximately 10 nights and meals / Official jersey / Geolocation beacon / Technical support team / Communication team.

The registration fees will be as follows (they represent 25% of the overall budget of the event, the rest being financed with our partners):

  • For the over 30 : 1080 euros for a solo // 1600 euros for a duo.
  • For those under 30 : 650 euros for a solo // 1040 euros for a duo.
  • For company employees : our offers could allow you to finance your participation for your company. You will wear your company’s colours during the adventure and will be exempt from registration fees. More information:
  • For the first part of the route “La Route des Grandes Alpes” from Savoie to Nice (open to 10 people): 500 euros per person

Pre-registration form (no obligation)

Companies in the adventure

Since 2018, the Sun Trip has offered companies the opportunity to join our adventures by registering employees (for part or all of the route) or by sponsoring a participant who has already registered. These are all opportunities to work on the project, to make it more adapted to the CSR or internal/external communication issues of its supporters.

This year we are proposing three levels of offers :

  • Company prologue offer (1 day in Savoie) with employees.
  • Stage offer Chambéry – Nice (3 days) with employees.
  • Official team offer (the whole adventure), with a collaborator or a sponsored adventurer.

(More information:

The Sun Trip is an opportunity to promote the actions of these companies. It is also a way to participate in an action in phase with the times.

Example of teams on the 2022 Tour of the Alps:

Click to find out more in our dedicated article. 

More information at

Solar bikes – Instructions for use

One of the richnesses of this project comes from the impressive diversity of solar bikes. For some regulars, this Alpine edition is an opportunity to modify their bike to better climb the passes. Others will avoid the steep climbs and favour a faster, more aerodynamic bike.

As in 2022, it is possible to buy or rent a solar bike through the services of our partner SolarMoov. To design your own, you can use our instructions or write to

Pre-registration form

Since 2013, the objective of the Sun Trip is to promote new energies by relying on the human wealth of its participants.

In the wake of the development of the electric bike, in all its forms, the Sun Trip has been participating for 10 years in the promotion of the self-sufficient assisted bike.

The idea is to involve an ever-wider public to demonstrate that the solar bike can allow everyone to (re)discover cycling and climb the greatest passes in the Alps for this 2023 edition!

The contribution of energy on a hybrid machine such as a bicycle allows to completely revisit the practice.

  • It will allow you to travel differently and discover the mountain environment beyond our borders,
  • Learn how to design and use a solar bike,
  • Include social causes such as the apprentices of the Fondation d’Auteuil in 2021 and 2022,
  • Enable a retired person to regain his “youthful legs”,
  • To offer the opportunity to a person with a disability to make up the difference,
  • To push a good sportsman to become the “Bertrand Picard of cycling”.

On the roads of the world (Kazakhstan 2013, Turkey 2015, China 2018, Europe 2021), the Sun Trip shows that solar energy adapted to electric bicycles can create speed feats and universal emotions.

Discover the archives of our previous editions

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