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From Bruxelles to Island Usedom

21.06.2021 - Sibylle & Daniel
Sibylle & Daniel Sibylle & Daniel


It is 5 Days since the start now and we just crossed the German / Polish border. Our wild Camp we just set up in a small forest 100m from the sea away where we took a bath and washed our dishes.

But lets go back.

After we came to Loewn we headed to Antwerp where Peter an Ann live. Peter also did the prologue and is s friend from the St2018 to China. They cooked for us cherrys with meatballs a traditional Belgian dish which is delicious.

After that delicious meal Peter guided us for 10 km out of the city. The bike path system in Antwerp is really good.

We had to hurry to find a placr to sleep so we put our tent on the bike path on the side of a canal. The bath was great, the sleep not really since our tent was 50cm on the path itself and speedpedelecs where using it almost allnight.

Our goal was to be in Bremen on the 18th June so we had to cycle 200+ kms everyday. we did it and where guests by my Cousin Tobias. He is 2nd Officier on a gas trsnsport ship. He made a speciality for us. Hsmburger Labskaus.

After Bremen we had only 120km to ride to Haburg to visit my Uncle. we crossed a bridge that can lift itself to let big ships pass underneath. Also the old Elbtunnel and the Speicherstadt are worth to be seen.

The next morning we ate also a Franzbrötchen

we drove further towards islsnd Usedom. After Rostock we went to a villsge with a lake. we washed our clothes and took a swim. Family Frank invited us to sleep in their sauna hut in the garden and we had breakfast toghether so we missed the heavy rain and still had a dry tent today. best regards Daniel&Sibylle

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1 Commentaire

  • Mottet André

    Bravo Sibylle et Daniel. Je vous encourage à continuer ce voyage avec tout votre courage.
    Je vous suis de loin.


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