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Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures.

The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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Arrival in Riga 28.June 14:10

28.06.2021 - Daniel Jenni
Daniel Jenni Daniel Jenni

We arrived in Riga. Its the first day of full sun since Germany. But we can’t complain… eigther we had good shelter or no rain when others had a flooded tent.

Distance made from home: 3886km

Solar power generated: 37kwh

Today we made 156km in 5h 2min @ 13.7wh/km and avarage speed of 31.1kmh. So far the sun gave 1893wh and the battery will be completly charged by tonight.

We feel happy to achieve this first checkpoint. Doing a suntrip is not easy. Weather, bad road, finding a place to sleep. There are moments that are not always easy as a couple. But we learn from each other. When I have a down Sibylle holds me up and the other way around as well. We both find its a good school for our relationship since there are many situations where physical and psychical limits are hit.

Riding in the morning sun… Best regards Daniel&Sibylle



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