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From Barcelona over Lyon to the Emmental

19.08.2021 - Daniel Jenni
Daniel Jenni Daniel Jenni
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  • From Barcelona over Lyon to the Emmental

On Sunday 15th of August around noon we have arrived at home. Our journey around Europe that started on the 27th of May  and brought us in total to 15 countries. Therefor we pedaled a distance of 11’185 km.


The last big hill we did: The Chasseral in the Swiss Jura.

After our rest in Barcelona we took the road towards France again. We went slow and stopped for sightseeing and coffe breaks. First we saw, that we will cross Arnaud Negrier. Since the beginning of the Suntrip we didn’t meet him. This time we were on the same road but in opposite direction of course. It was a short but warm meeting. He was doing well and we wish him the best to finish his trip.

Then we went on. In a almost emty shopping mall we bought some lunch and ate it just in front of the building. The sun was behind clouds and even some raindrops where falling down. The next stop was in Hostalric a medieval city with a Castle.

A stop on an old volcanic crater.

We really didn’t get far that day and found after only 91km and 3h37min of riding a spot in the forest close to a cementary.

By going slow we started a complete different trip. It was good for my back, and we really started to enjoy our Suntrip again since we were relaxed and motivated.

After a stop in Figures to see some creations of Salvador Dali we took the costal road in direction France.

We found it too easy to return to Lyon over the Rhone valley. We chose a more interesting road over Quillan, Carcassonne, Mazamet, Castres, Albi, Rodez, Mende, Puy en Velay and Saint-Etienne.

One of our most beautiful camp spots with its view in French Catalunya.

We tried too cook as often as possible. In the morning we made coffe, tea and porridge if the temperature wasn’t too high already. At lunch time it was usually bread, cheese, vegetables and once in a while meat for pick nick. Evening meals where often the same. On maybe 1 of 4 evenings we cooked spaghetti, tortellini or something else acompanied with vegetables. We used about 4 gas cartridges of 190 gramms.

In Le Puy en Velay we met completly randomly Claude Brunier with his wife. Claude made the Prologue with us and also his wife joined it on the last couple days in Belgium. The Belgian roads are among the worst of Europe. But the warm welcome from Claude and his friends compensate this many times! It was very nice to meet them again!

With a Solarbike you are an ambassador (or simply a tourist attraction). Here in front of the dome of Mazamet Sibylle does the job and explains to the folks what we do.

Or we land in the newspaper: a small article in: L’eveil de la haute loire

Finally we arrive in Lyon, where the Suntrip Company reserved a great hotel for us… Time to do laundry for the last time on our trip.

On the Place Bellcour Léo arranges the arrival for us, Sophia and Nicolas. It was great beeing togehter!

After 2’o clock we said goodbye and finally left Lyon in direction Geneva. But since along the lac Léman the cycling path is very anoying (boardwalk up/down) we deciced to follow the Prologue track and to go over the Haut Jura. But our day ended already after only 40 km in Poncin. On the road a car stopped and Thierry Troccon, owner of the winery Domanie “Clos de la Bierle” invited us to his home. He is a friendly open minded and innovative buisnessman in working pants. No wonder his Vin Biodynamique was served to XiPing during his visit in France. Since there was a thunderstorm coming up we could sleep in his working facilities. The bottle of wine Thierry offerd to us we keep for our 1st year wedding anniversary.

We went on and climbed, this time under good sun, to Les Rousses where we entered Switzerland in La Vallé du Joux. We got contacted and invited by Didier to sleep at his home in Pomy close to Yverdon. We spent a very nice evening with his family. His mother in law was just recently in Spain and made a great Paella for all of us. Didier guided us the next morning through Yverdon to the Creux du van.

Together at the Creux du Van

We crossed a Motocross race =)

Didier climbing to the Creux du Van. It’s the lake of Neuchatel.

The Creux du Van from below. After a meal at the restaurant Didier had to go home for a birthday party and we climbed to the Mont Chasseral.

This point between Nods and Lamboing is exactly at kilometer 11’111 from home.

Last time breakfast on the road. We reached our home at around 12′ o clock on Sunday 15th of August.

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