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Luggage Box construction, Test ride

13.03.2021 - Daniel Jenni
Daniel Jenni Daniel Jenni

Hi, I want to share some images how the construction of our ST21 bikes is progressing.

As some of you may know, I had a sledge accident. My Back has broken and i can be happy that i am still able to walk. Anyway. The accident whiped out 2 month of contruction time. Most of the work Sibylle can not carry out alone so we are behind.

The first test rides where promessing and some adjustments of the suspension rubbers on the front made it comfortable to ride, also for a long time.

The Luggage Box

Its a simple construction made of Okume 4mm wood and fibre glass rods. all glued thogether by Epoxi resin.

The two compartments contain 68Liter in all and the weight including the tissue is 1.8 kg. The top of the Box is flat when the Bike is on the kickstand and serves as a table.

On the right you can see the production that we have made till now. To build the first piece always takes a lot more time. Work goes on, soon I will start to build the Panel holders for Sibylles Bike.
Best regards!

Daniel & Sibylle

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