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Steve Woolford

Steve Woolford

Steve, an enthusiast from England!

” I’m an English IT-Specialist thats been living in Germany (close to Mainz) for the last 35 years. Long term backpacking in the 80’s, an Indian Ocean Crossing and several attempts to gain a Paragliding licence have kept me sane over the years.

Thankfully, I retired this year (Halleujha!) and now have the time to commit myself to my idea of freedom… Solar Travel.

I got into Recumbent triking about 12 years ago, prior to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) in 2013 and I have a couple of Trikes, a HP Scorpion 20 fs with a 250w goswiss drive for longer journeys and a Performer Trike X without motor (for training).

Although I can’t walk much more than 200 meters without a breif pause, I can pedal a trike without undue fatigue or pain for long periods. It’s because of this happy anomaly that I was able to trike from Bremen, Germany to Valencia, Spain in 2020 and take part, on the way, in the Suntrip Prologue.

I’m currently building “my” 2022 Sun Trip Alps race machine. “

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