Sun Trip , Sun Trip: the world on solar bikes!
The Sun Trip The Solar Bike Adventure
Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures.

The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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Stéphane Bujadoux

Stéphane Bujadoux

Age 63 years
Nationality French

The solar bike of Stéphane

Bike Nazca Pioneer
Motor Nine Continent FH212
Battery 14S7P 54V 21Ah
Solar 500Wc
Weight 50
In 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021, Stéphane was able to upgrade his bike and now ventures out on a recumbent bike. In 2022, he will be back with his bike, which he rode all over Europe last year.
Stéphane Bujadoux

A faithful adventurer

Since 2017 Stéphane has been participating in the regional editions of the Sun Trip. In 2019 he was even awarded the “Coup de Coeur” prize for the most competitive rider, elected by the participants and the organisation team! He also made his mark on the Sun Trip France 2020, and on the European Tour 2021.

Pedagogical and invested in the Sun Trip project, we are happy to count among us this enthusiastic and perfect ambassador of the Sun Trip.

“I am very motivated by the solar bike trip, which encourages encounters, and I love the conviviality of the Sun Trip!

In 2013, I was enthusiastic about the first Sun Trip without imagining that I would ever participate. But finally, the regional edition in 2017 was my first participation. And I did it again in 2019, then in 2020 with the Sun Trip France and in 2021 with the Sun Trip Europe.

Each time, I built and tested a new configuration: upright bike with trailer, recumbent bike with roof and trailer. I’m coming back in 2022 with an upright bike with a roof, but without a trailer.

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