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The Sun Trip The Solar Bike Adventure
Adventurers on solar bikes choosing their course through Eurasia. Inspired by unassisted yacht races around the world, the Sun Trip is writing a new page in the world of overland adventures.

The Sun Trip is a showcase for new forms of mobility. Each adventurer is an ambassador of solar energy and eco-mobility, proving their efficiency and their humanist dimension.
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Bernard Cauquil

Bernard Cauquil

Age 65 years
Nationality French

The solar bike of Bernard

Motor NineContinent RH 212
Battery 2 48 V 11 Ah Li Mn batteries
Solar 510 Wc : 3 panels 48 cells C60 170 Wp
Weight 70
The TiltDragonFly is a brand new machine that retains the technical solutions widely tested in the past but deeply modified to correct the faults that forced us to abandon during the last edition. Some of the new features implemented: - 3-wheel tilting chassis to remove the radial stresses responsible for the failure of the rear hub on Kazakhstan roads in 2018 and to compensate for the geometry of the roads, slightly tilted to the right to drain water. - 100% electric chainless hybrid transmission. - Pedal generator (reduction in the number of moving parts and physiological gain for the pilot by better management of physical effort).
Bernard Cauquil Bernard Cauquil Bernard Cauquil

The Maestro!

Former amateur cyclist, mechanical teacher, genius creator and incidentally winner of the Sun Trip 2015!

Bernard Cauquil counts as one of the legends of the Sun Trip. In 2015 he pushed the limits of performance and inspired many people across the planet.

In 2018 he returned with his son, leaving aside the race to live an extraordinary human adventure. They had to resolve to abandon in the Kazakhes steppes, on technical breakdown of their solar tandem.

Bernard announced the color for the Sun Trip Lyon-Canton 2021: he returns to win!

In the meantime, he will test his brand new bike on the Sun Trip France, a jewel of inventiveness.

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Bernard will wear the colors of the Savoyard company AKTID, a company specializing in waste sorting solutions.

“The linear system “extract, manufacture, consume, throw away” on which our current economic model is based is out of breath. Natural resources are becoming scarce. To meet the need for sustainable growth, a model exists: the circular economy. It promotes recycling and greatly limits the consumption and waste of raw materials. I am proud that today AKTID is a major player in this new economy, by designing and implementing turn-key solutions for sorting and recovering waste.

And the whole team is proud to support the champion Bernard Cauquil, from France to China, where we wish to establish ourselves in the years to come. The values of Sun Trip fit well with our approach and we look forward to following the exploits of all adventurers, the first of which Bernard of course! “

Pierre André PAYERNE
President of AKTID

Other of Bernard’s supporters :

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His vision of the Sun Trip

“Perhaps the only contemporary adventure in harmony with the only real challenges from which humanity can no longer escape today. A human challenge: sporting at first, this test is extreme and requires going deep into our physical and mental resources. The prospect of meetings throughout the journey only enriches this aspect. On the other hand, the technological demonstration: being able to travel with such a solar machine to cover such distances daily shows that other ways to move exist, as part of an energy transition necessary to save life on earth. I am convinced that the performance of the Suntrip and the innovation that this race stimulates in the creation of increasingly efficient vehicles can lead to the democratization of a new mode of travel. I want to be part of this movement. “

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Bernard, 2015 winner:

Duo presentation before the 2018 departure:

The duo in the adventure:

In the media after the 2018 edition:
On France 3:

During the Tour de France 2019:

On Faut pas Révêr (France 3)

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